Avoid a Public Relations Horror Story

Half way through the book Public Relations Disasters: Talespin by Gerry McCusker and I’m starting to notice a recurring pattern.

A couple of paragraphs into each story I find myself mentally screaming, “No! Don’t go down the rickety stairs into the dark, creepy basement. Don’t you know you’re in a horror movie?”

This book reviews 79 public relations mishaps. And in each one, because I already know the outcome isn’t going to be positive, I can almost guess what mistakes the main players are about to make.

As I read these scenarios, I can’t help but wonder what background and training the public relations people from each company had. It’s easy to see most didn’t follow the common ethical PR best practices – honesty and clarity.

For a great “what not to do” read, check out the book. For more up-to-date information, visit Gerry McCusker’s incredibly interesting blog PR Disasters.

Author: tatumlyles

Tatum Lyles Flick is a public relations practitioner, news and science writer, photographer, graphic designer and website designer with experience in industry, the news media, and academia.

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