Executive Communication

I interact with and evaluate stakeholder needs to understand what messages resonate best with each group. I then work with members of the executive team to develop communication that effectively addresses any related issues. I am actively involved in as many committees and activities as possible so that I may properly assess any situation in relation to stakeholder sentiment. I use the experience to create effective communication strategies to achieve company goals. In addition, I create speeches, presentations, emails, and letters for leadership and serve as an advisor on technology, strategic messaging and distribution. Though there are many executive-level communications I cannot share for privacy reasons, I have included an sample of the Department Newsletter, a message to alumni, a link to the Graduate Recruiting website I designed, with the chair’s welcome letter and presentation below.

Winter Alumni Message, 2021
Department Internal Newsletter (sample issue)
Chair’s welcome letter and website for Graduate Recruiting 2021
Chair’s presentation for Graduate Recruiting: Explore a Future in Chemistry (below)