I’ve been promoting organizations and protecting the integrity of brand identities since the early 2000’s when I worked for DeVille O’Neill & Associates, an advertising agency in central Louisiana. In that position, I held media events for a local ice hockey team and worked on graphic design and communication projects for numerous clients including: Northwestern State University, the United Way of Central Louisiana, Dresser Industries and served as the president of the local chapter of the American Advertising Federation.

Building Your Online Brand Workshop: Conferences & Beyond Learn how to optimize LinkedIn Profile, Twitter/IG, Personal WebsiteIn addition, I spent years working as the Audience Development Manager and Niche Products Editor for The Town Talk, a daily paper in central Louisiana. In this job, I promoted the brands of other businesses and organizations through special advertiser sections that featured: home renovation, content for senior citizens, medical special features, travel guides and more.

In my current role at the UW-Madison Department of Chemistry I help my colleagues understand how branding works and how to achieve their goals while adhering to the brand identity and following guidelines. I also handle internal and external communications for the department through magazines, newsletters, emails, advertising buys and websites. I also have spoken on numerous occasions to graduate students about building and maintaining their personal brands and how doing so can help them as researchers.