Energy Smart Website PR Plan


Company customers are enduring the results of higher fuel costs in the form of higher energy bills. Historically, the company has posted energy efficiency information on the main website, produced radio commercials and distributed pamphlets to assist customers in finding ways to control costs through efficiency.

We believe we can reach more customers with updated and accurate information through an energy efficiency-specific website. This initiative will explore new customer communication methods including forums and eventually email newsletters.

Company has a positive story to share with customers about what it is doing to combat rising fuel costs, and about customers having more control over energy efficiency than they may realize. Energy Smart will make Company’s commitment to environmental regulations and to customer service more evident, therefore increasing the orginazation’s value and trustworthiness to its customers.

As stated in the Company guiding principles, we are focused on finding solutions to customer problems in a timely manner. This site will assist the organization in achieving that goal.


  • To create a comprehensive energy efficiency website to serve as the premier money and energy savings resource for those Company customers who have access to the Internet.
  • To establish Company’s expertise in energy efficiency, therefore building customer goodwill through trust and loyalty.
  • To further the idea that Company wants to assist customers in lowering their bills and energy consumption to a level at which they are monetarily comfortable.


  • Customer service representatives will inform every customer, with a bill amount complaint, about the new site.
  • We expect at least 20 percent of these customers to visit the site.
  • Site visitors will find at least two main things they can change about their home to save energy.
  • At least 20 percent of the visitors to Energy Smart will complete the Home Energy Profile.
  • At least 10 percent of the visitors to Energy Smart will take an active role in the moderated forum.
  • Company will see a rise in customer satisfaction points as a result of this program.
  • We expect the site to have 30 percent higher traffic during the June, July, August and September in relation to higher temperatures.

Target Audience

  • Company customers with Internet access
  • Company customers who care about saving energy
  • Company customers who consider their bills high
  • Company customers who care about the environment
  • Company customers who are building new homes
  • Company customers who are remodeling
  • Members of the media – to assist in story creation for energy efficiency related topics
  • Company employees – If customers are asked to use conservation methods, it makes sense that employees follow the same suggestions. Employees will feel free to look at and review the site when they have time from work or home. They will also be able to offer additional suggestions or content during the two-week soft launch period.

Key Messages

  • There are many different, simple actions customers can take to control how many kWh they use in a given month.
  • Energy Smart is the place to find this information. As the information changes, this site content updates. This site is the information source for energy efficiency.
  • Energy Smart will use interactive techniques and possibly contests to engage visitors and media.

Communication Techniques

  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Customer success stories
  • Letters to the editor
  • Billboard advertising
  • Newspaper advertising
  • Online advertising
  • Speaking engagements – The Energy Expert (public personality) at area DIY stores
  • Event Sponsorships – Home Shows

Public Relations Campaign Schedule

  • 05/29/09 – soft site launch with button at bottom of list on Company main website
  • 05/08/09 – move button to top of link list on Company website
  • 06/01/09 – Energy Expert (public personality) advertisement runs in local magazine
  • 06/01/09 – Energy Expert (public personality) advertisement runs in local newspaper
  • 06/10/09 – Regional billboard campaign begins featuring employees across the state, in billboards specific to their geographic areas:
    • DeRidder: Hwy. 190
    • Rosepine: Hwy. 171
    • Alexandria: Macarthur Drive
    • Alexandria: I-49
    • Pineville: Hwy. 28
    • Pineville: Hwy. 107
    • Bunkie: NW Main St.
    • Ville Platte:  E Main St.
    • Opelousas: W Landry St.
    • Crowley: W Second St.
    • Franklin: Hwy. 90
    • Hwy. 90 at Harry P. Williams Memorial Airport
    • Amelia: Hwy. 90 at Hwy. 182
    • Amelia: Hwy. 182 at Hwy. 662
    • Covington: Rogers Lane at Three Rivers Road
    • Mandeville: N. Causeway Blvd./Service Road
    • Slidell: I-12 at Hwy. 11
    • I-10 at Hwy. 190/Shortcut Hwy.
  • 06/10/09 – Radio Campaign to promote the Energy Expert public personality begins

Tracking Measures

  • Website traffic – weekly report
  • Usage results from Energy Depot’s Home Energy Audit
  • Request any comments from customers made through the Customer Call Center, the operator, via email, etc.

Author: tatumlyles

Tatum Lyles Flick is a public relations practitioner, news and science writer, photographer, graphic designer and website designer with experience in industry, the news media, and academia.

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