Education on loan

Each semester I get a stark reminder of what going back to school later in life really costs.

Having depleted most of my loan funds from the previous semester, I wait anxiously for the next influx of borrowed dollars. Unlike many of my younger classmates, I am not eligible for TOPS scholarships or even Pell Grants, having already completed one degree. So every dollar I use to pay tuition, purchase books, pay bills and eat comes from either my student job (with limited hours) or from a loan.

I set out on this path knowing this would be the case, but as dismal as paying back all of this money may seem, it serves as a powerful impetus to work hard, spend my time carefully and appreciate everything I have the opportunity to learn. Though the pressure to succeed is immeasurable, the opportunity to continue learning is priceless.

Author: tatumlyles

Tatum Lyles Flick is a public relations practitioner, news and science writer, photographer, graphic designer and website designer with experience in industry, the news media, and academia.

One thought

  1. But in the end, it will all be worth it because you will be fulfilling your dream. Always follow your dreams in life because you only have one life. When I started nursing school in 2005, I couldn’t get a Pell grant or anything else because I already had a degree. I checked into the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s Workforce Investment Act (WIA program). It pays for 100% of your tuition and gas expenses. Baton Rouge probably has even more funding for this program. Go to the local unemployment office and ask about the WIA program for adult students. Tell them that you are going to LSU and ask them if they have funding for your tuition. I think you are awesome for following your dreams!!!

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